About Us

Kingrise Finance Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong on 22-SEP-1999 as a Government Licensed Money Lender with CR No.: 0689078.

Our knowledge and resources mean we can close in as little as 5 days to 2 weeks for loans from $1 million to over $500 million with a loan to value ratio of up to 100%. We are experienced internationally serving clients in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, Middle East, North, Central and South America.

Unlike traditional lenders, our experience and dedication enables us to understand your unique circumstances and then create a custom funding solution that aligns with your vision and goal. When you need money fast, or you have special circumstances, contact us. We are actively seeking to fund any viable and profitable business or project around the world. How can we fund you?

OUR VISION: KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED vision is to become the leading, preferred providers of loans and financial instruments in the world. Presently, few lenders can match our records and credibility in the financial instrument industry.

OUR STRATEGY: KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED mission is the creation of value through strategic and competitive operations. Our strategy is simple – the creation of value chains that leverage off infrastructural capacities that already exist within the industry. Identification of and making use of financial skills that give KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED the capacity to deliver loans and bank instruments efficiently and competitively will be another cornerstone of KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED strategy.

OUR VALUES: In pursuing profit opportunities KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED will underpin its activities on the following values:• Self Respect in Service Delivery – while we place our clients and potential customers at the centre of our activities, our service delivery approach emphasizes self respect at all times. We respond to each customers inquiry with courtesy and respect.
• Innovation – we will endeavor continuous improvement, re-engineering of our business processes and development of new solutions to meet the changing cum challenging financing environment and client needs.

Our Passion: we are passionate in what we do and in all our business dealings and execution of mandates. We have a passion for winning, which will help us to deliver attractive returns for our investors We want to challenge the status quo and provide products and services that may otherwise be unavailable to our customers.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Each situation (and company) is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. Custom solutions take advantage of opportunities that your competitors can’t. Thats what we deliver to you.

Each situation (and company) is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. Custom solutions take advantage of opportunities that your competitors can’t. Thats what we deliver to you.


Our Service Excellence
  • Being responsive and transparent at all times
  • Building customer loyalty and creating long-term partnerships
  • Differentiating ourselves from other financial services providers
  • Giving the best financial advice and providing creative solutions consistently to our customers


  • Maintaining a reputation for being reliable and responsible financial services provider
  • We want customers to trust that we are always giving them the best service and advice
  • Acting with integrity and honesty with customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders
  • Within our team, we have confidence in each other’s intentions and capabilities, empowering people to use their initiative and to do the right thing

• We keep our promise.
• Do it right all the time.
• Emphasis with our stake holders.
• Strive for service excellence.
• Instill a positive results oriented culture.
• Be versatile and adaptive to changing circumstances.
• Go the extra mile, dedication beyond the call of duty.
• Be resourceful and resilient at times of pressure and stress.
• Be responsive to market needs rather than trying to shape them. Be creative and innovative in spotting business opportunities. 
• Ability to respond quickly and precisely to the opportunities that arise through shortage or surplus in the markets we trade in.

KEY ASSETS: In implementing our strategies, we will focus on developing and enhancing the following intangible assets:
1. Knowledge, 2. Brand Visibility / Loyalty, and 3 Capacity and efficiency in value delivery.

  • TERM: Flexible loan term up to 20 years.
  • PREPAYMENT: No prepayment penalties.
  • LOAN TO VALUE: Up to 100%.
  • RATES: Loan Rates from 3% per annum.
  • LOAN SIZE: From $1 Million to $500+ Million nationally and internationally.
  • COLLATERAL: Real Estate, Bank Instruments or Bonds. In many cases no collateral is required. Contact us for more information.

We Specialize In

Personal Loan, Business Loans, SME Loans, International  Project Financing, Recourse & Non Recourse Loans, Letter of Credit Standby Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Performance Guarantee Bond, Tender Bond Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Bank Comfort Letter

   Why Choose Us?oose Us?

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Best Top Rated Banks
  • Competitive Low rates
  • No prepayment penalty
  • 2 Days for Commitment
  • Extremely Satisfied Clients
  • 20 Years of Experience & Trust
  • No Financial Collateral Required
  • Solutions for every customer & every industry.
  • Loan amounts from $1 million to over $500 million
  • We have solutions for every customer in every industry.
  • Fast Approvals & Fast Funding- Closing in as little as 5 days
  • We do not share your private information or transaction with third parties.

BROKERS: We welcome new brokers who are direct to their client. New brokers are welcomed and are rewarded with 2% commission on every deal they bring to us. Contact us if you want to know more. Email: info@kingrisefinance.com

KFL Company Limited financial Monetization instrumentts are issued by top Alpha Rated Banks li

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