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Our unique funding system BRINGS RESULTS!

These are just few of the many projects we Successfully Funded Recently…


Germany – Transaction Value: US$23 100% financing to acquire an existing manufacturing plant in Bavaria, Germany.

Italy – Transaction Value: US$1 Billion – Construction project in North Africa on behalf of Italy’s largest power plant conglomerate

U.S.A. – Transaction Value: US$2.5M – Bridge loan leasehold refinance for a restaurant chain

Brazil. – Transaction Value: US$85M – 100% energy project financing to acquire an existing ethanol plant in Brazil.

China – Transaction Value: US$120 Million – Complete construction and fit-out of commercial building in Guangzhou

Dominican Republic – Transaction Value: US$15 Million – Telecom expansion project

China – Transaction Value: US$40 Million – Complete construction of office building and shopping centre in Wuhan City

South Korea – Transaction Value: US$86 Million – Acquisition of a city block for residential and commercial development

Philippines – Transaction value US$74M – Geothermal Energy Development

France – Transaction Value: US$25 Million – Refinance of retirement homes complex

Indonesia: Transaction Value: US$86 Million – Hotel and resort project in Bali region for a major hotel franchise.

U.S.A. – Transaction Value: US$58 Million – Leading U.S. high technology environmental instrumentation company with operations in the U.K. and France

Turkey – Transaction Value: US$6 Million – Project expansion loan for a local furniture company.

U.S.A. – Transaction Value: US$50 Million – A NASDAQ-listed chemical processing company. Funds raised vis-Ã-vis project finance for operation to mine and process nahcohlite in Colorado, USA

Mexico – Transaction Value: US$4.7 Million – Small resort hotel purchase

Ecuador – Transaction Value: US$150 Million – To build and operate a hydroelectric power plant

U.K. and Italy – Transaction Value: US$96 Million – Development of power generation plants on behalf of U.S. and Italian companies.


  • KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED provided Bank Guarantee of $15,000,000/- for an Indian company for gold bullion transaction
  • KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED provided Bank Guarantee of $250,000,000/- for a Korean steel manufacturing company
  • KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED provided SBLC of $75,000,000/- to a Texas, USA based manufacturer to secure a credit line.
  • KINGRISE FINANCE LIMITED provided Performance Bond (PB) of $46,000,000/- to guarantee satisfactory completion of a construction project by a London based contractor.


US$ 250 MILLION to build the first phase of a major marine (shipping) terminal in Fuzhou, China. This facility will be a key component to the national transportation strategy of China creating an invaluable outlet for the goods produced by domestic and foreign companies operating in China, all at LIBOR.

US$ 5 MILLION to expand an existing goose raising and processing operation in Shuangyashan, China, all @ LIBOR.

US$ 125 MILLION to refinance an existing Hospital and Medical College and build the first phase of a 500 bed expansion in Istanbul, Turkey.

US$ 76 MILLION to build an upper scale, 200+ unit, hi-rise, integrated residential project in Adelaide, Australia. This development will boast the latest technology in automation and services and will be the first hi-rise, owner occupied development within the Central Business District.

US$ 195 MILLION to build a 1,400+ acre, integrated, environmentally sensitive, mixed use golf course community in western Colorado, USA. This development will include 400 private residential units, 250 lodge/hospitality units, elementary and middle school sites, a community recreation center, an extensive nature trail system, parks and greenbelts, and 50 acres for commercial development, all @ 3%.

US$ 19 MILLION to build the first phase of a state-of-the-art cotton farming and yarn manufacturing facility in Kenya, East Africa. This complex will include farming land, offices, buildings for workers’ accommodations, storage facilities, a clinic and nursing center, ginning and spinning buildings, and machinery and equipment for production, irrigation and communications, all @ LIBOR.


  • US$ 19 MM to build the Waterpark segment of a Hotel, Fitness and Leisure Center in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, People’s Republic of China. This is the first phase of a US$ 65.0 MM development.
  • US$ 47 MM to build 8,900 housing units for the Military in the Dominican Republic, the first phase of what will be a US$ 270.0 MM project, @ 3.0%.


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